Gin Touched Lamp

A Genie's Lamp


A Gins Lamp appears to be an ornately carved oil lamp. In truth it is an accursed item, trapping the very soul of the Gin touched owner. To the gin touched it is a weight that binds him, stepping even a few feet away from it they can feel the pull of the lamp. A Gin touched can enter his lamp and bring with him any thing he can carry. The space inside the lamp 10 cubic feet of material, and or possessions can be stored. The gin touched can also bring people into his inner sanctum. This is rarely done, inside the lamp the gins soul is reflected in the furnishings of the lamp making it a very personal place. The lamp it self is nearly indestructible. Destroyable by only the magic that created it, or by the destruction of the soul of the gin touched.

A gin touched can enter his lamp as a standard action. Once inside the warmth of the lamp activates his regeneration. Objects can be stored in the lamp, but food still goes bad, metal rusts and wine turns to vinegar. If there is any thing odd filling the lamp it is reflected in the gin touched. for instance if it is filled with water, he sweats constantly. With Patrice a gin touched can learn tricks that allow him to access his lamp in different ways. these are feats.

Quickened entry, Item Drop, Ranged entry, Lamp toss. Their Descriptions will be listed in my feat section.


Gin Touched Lamp

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