Staff of storms

Silver staff

weapon (melee)

The Staff of Storms Is a silver staff about 6 feet in length. at equal lengths there are Sapphires set into the silver. The stones are round and large enough to give the staff the look of having sections. When charged the 5 stones glow blue. People in its close vicinity have noticed the sharp smell of a coming storm. It is always cold to the touch, oddly giving any one holding it the feeling of raindrops hitting them randomly.

The details of its powers will be revealed in game as they are discovered.


The staff of storms is a relic, forged to be the command key for the storm bringer ark it was lost during a battle with the empire. Ever since storm bringer has roamed the seas, refocusing them. The staff has many powers but first and for most is it’s ability to control storm-bringer. Any person who touches the staff will be judged by the storm. If they are worthy the staff binds itself to that person and will function for no one else, until they die.

Staff of storms

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