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The World as it Develops.

I am putting together a setting that I have used over the years in bits and pieces. Here is where you will find all the pieces, and hopefully how they fit together.

The wheel that turns the world is the zodiac. Unlike most settings, I intend to have the zodiac be the pantheon followed and worshiped by clerics. There will also be the Creator and the Destroyer (the dark side of the pantheon)

The Lands of the realms.
The Spider Islands
The Consortium
The Inquisition
The Dragon Empire

This section though not created yet will contain descriptions of the lands of the world and what the players might know about them.

The origin of the realms.

How the realms were formed and how the creatures in it were conserved.

The societies of the realms

The who is working for who in the realms, also from the players point of view.

The Grind

In here will be the new rules, ranging from character creation to hero and villain points.

Character Creation

Hero Points

Villain Points

Main Page

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