OK here it is a list of questions you can message me back. just copy and paste them into a email or to a message box and send me your thoughts and answers. Don’t worry its only 10 questions.

Question #1. What climate would you like to see most in the campaign? Frozen Tundra? Dessert Wastes? Tropical Islands? Deep Mysterious Forests? Or Maybe Rocky Highlands?

Question #2. How much emphasis would you like to see on combat?

Question #3. How much magic would you like to see?

Question #4. How realistic do you want it to seem?

Question #5. How much detail would you like in your travels, and where do you want that detail?

Question #6. How dark do you want the game?

Question #7. Do you want to travel a lot, or have a local base and a known stomping ground.

Question #8. Do you want any type of technology in the game, and if so what level, and magic or
reality based?

Question #9. How silly do you want things, are purple dancing bears your thing or do you want face eating bears?

Question #10. And last but not least, what did i miss, what do you really want to see out of this game?


Pathfinder game in a home made setting. eddied31k eddied31k