The Consortium

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2)!h1. The Consortium

The Consortium is a democratic nation that rose out of the rubble of the launch of the Great Arch. They believe that each person should have a say as to how they are governed. Their tolerance for their own people, however, is where their tolerance ends. They mistrust other races except the halflings. A strange sense of camaraderie has formed between the little people and the humans of the Consortium.

Furthermore, the Consortium outlaws magic of any kind. That, of course, does not include their alchemy. Alchemists are fairly common and many of them work directly with the military, as engineers and artillery.

The Military of The Consortium is large and well organized. They train special soldiers that use guns called Gunners. (Gunslinger Class) Any deserters are called gunslingers and are hunted across the world. Seen as rogues by the Consortium, and often as folk heroes by the people in remote villages, they are very rare and risk discovery every time they draw their gun or perform a bit of secret alchemy.

Direct conflict by the Consortium with the Mages has only happened once, and it was a bloody affair that cost both sides. It echoed the long war that nearly destroyed the world between the sorcerers and mages. It was called the War of 10,000 Men. In one, bloody battle, 10,000 lives lost was enough to show them that the world could not support another war like that.

A treaty was quickly written and that is when the Seamless Tower was moved as an act of peace by the towers. Now there is a delicate treaty, almost a cold war. In their current state, the towers may yet fall to the hammer of science.

The people of the consortium are separated into 3 classes, the workers, the fighters, and the thinkers. Oddly in the consortium the unemployment rate is almost negative. Any foreigners entering the shores are expected to get a job immediately, unless they happen to work for some one else. Two major corporations control 75% of the workforce. They are the Iron Hides, and the Shipwrights. The Iron Hides deal in the rich iron mining operations in the consortium, as well as the giant factory like smelting plants used to refine the ore. Many people around the world seek out Iron Hide weapons for their durability and ability to hold an edge. The Shipwrights are the inventers of the thing they like to call the sky ship. Most are simple dirigibles created by alchemical gasses being contained in giant leather bags, but some resemble the ancient arch’s in form if not function. The remaining people of the land work in what is called service. Service is just that public service, and is often used as a punishment for no being able to pay fines or petty crimes. Major crimes get you indentured to an alchemist, as a test subject for their dark experiments.

Some say if there is still a dark tower of necromancy then it is kept hidden on the streets of the consortiums alchemist district.

The Consortium

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