The Dragon Empire

The Dragon Empire.

The Empire, as it is referred to by the common folk of the world, is the remains of the Dark Dragon’s armies.

After starting the goblin rebellion and giving the giants the key to the gates of their Historical halls, the Dark Dragon turned his intention to humans. Power and greed, easy tools with which to manipulate, contributed to the raising of another force, thick with witches, to mop up the elves and dwarves.

Indeed, it could have worked save one king. Lord Hamlok Chainsling was a force of reason to the lands of men. It was Hamlok that first called the Dark Dragon instead the Dark Beast. Rather than grant him his honorific of being a dragon, Lord Chainsling instead dubbed him a lowly beast.

Mix Chainsling’s shrewd intelligence with his agents of his special police unit, called The Chain, and finding evidence against the Dark Dragon and his twisted lies was a relatively simple matter. Chainsling & his Chains were able to derail The Dark Beast’s Plans.

Now the empire is a shadow of its former glory. Its roads and bridges are failing, and its cities are crumbling. However, the new Emperor, raised only a few years ago, is very ambitious and demanding. If he survives his rivals, he may yet dig them out of the dark.

The Dragon Empire

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