The Zodiac

This will be the mark of the passage of time in my world. I will be building an actual calendar that will be at the game sessions for players to make notes on. Also this will serve as a zodiac system for my game. The birth date of a player will have an impact on their abilities and development.

Dragon (January)

Symbol : A Fang or Tooth dipped in red paint.

Days of note : Breath of the Dragon; The Day the World Was Made. (New Year’s Day)

Effects on the realms : During the days of the Dragon, it is said that dragons roam the world looking for food and coin. It is believed that during this time a dragon’s nest is left unguarded. Players receive one extra loot roll during this month.

Effects on Character Creation : Children of the Dragon, as they are called, are often smart and charismatic. Ignore ones while rolling intelligence and charisma. They are also quick to learn magic naturally. Alternate favored class sorcerer.

Opposing Sign : Phoenix.

Giant (February)

Symbol : A Huge Fist

Days of note : Feast of Giants (Mardi Gras)

Effects on the realms : During the days we walk with giants, it is said that men and giants may speak to each other in the Common Language. Also Strength fills the world during this time. +2 to all strength checks, including cmb, but not cmd. Martial characters can call upon the giants to grant them strength. Concentration check with strength as their casting stat. If successful they grow to a large size for one minute per character level, as if they had cast enlarge.

Effects on Character Creation : Children of the Giant are often large and tough; re-roll ones on strength and constitution. Also, roll twice for height and weight. Additional favored class Barbarian

Opposing Sign : The Fey

Monkey (March)

Symbol : A Monkeys Paw

Days of note : Monkey’s Toil. A day to celebrate the crafts of all the races of the world. Though the Dwarfs call it Great Beard Day, and the Elves, The Day of the Great Tree. Goblins call it the Day of Betrayal, and often use this day for savage attacks on unsuspecting villages.

Effects on The Realms : The monkey is the first of the creator’s creations to use tools. Therefore all craft checks during this time get a +2. Though crafting is enhanced this month, any works of magic have a 50/50 chance of gaining intelligence rolled randomly. The old saying is “Only fools work magic where a monkey can see.”

Effects on Character Creation : Monkeys are strong and skilled with tools. Any player born to the Monkey rerolls ones on his strength score and gains free weapon focus on a weapon of his choice. Additional favored class Fighter.

Opposing Sign : Spider

Angel (April)

Symbol : A dove, or a dove’s wings.

Days of note : The Day of Return (Easter Sunday)

Effects on the Realms : During this time light shines on Good Divine casters. They gain +1 caster level on all healing spells and +1 level adjustment to their channel positive energy.

Effects on Character Creation : Wisdom and light fill those who are born to the Angel. Half cost for Aasimir race, and +2 to knowledge religion and history skills.
Additional favored class cleric.

Opposing Sign : The Dark Brothers

Spider (May)

Symbol : A Spider’s Web

Days of note : Day of Memory

Effects on the Realms : The spider weaves its web over the world this month. All encounters that could result in a spider, roll twice and choose the spider if possible. The ways of magic are also clearer during this month. +2 to all spellcraft, knowledge arcana, and concentration rolls.

Effects on Character Creation : Wisdom and intelligence mark the way of the Spider. Re-roll ones on wisdom and intelligence during creation. Additional favored class Wizard.

Opposing Sign : Monkey

Phoenix (June)

Symbol : A Flaming Bird

Days of note : The Day of Ashes (Independence day)

Effects on the Realms : There is no cost for the Resurrection of allies on the first of this month. In turn on the last day, The Day of Ashes, there is no cost for animate dead spells.

Effects on Character Creation : Depending if they are born on a odd or even day there are different effects.
If on an even day they have bright color to hair and skin, and re-roll ones on charisma, also they have an affinity for fire (+ 1 caster level on all fire spells).
If on an odd day, they have pale color to skin and hair, and re-roll ones on intelligence. They have an affinity for death (+1 caster level on necromancy spells).
If you were born on the first of the month you are considered to be a lost feather. Your hair becomes bright red on your naming day, and you gain the Mark of the Phoenix.
If you were born on the last day, your hair loses its color becoming grey of white and you become ashen in complexion. You gain the Mark of the Grave.

Opposing Sign : Dragon

Sun (July)

Symbol : A Sun

Days of note : The Day the Sun Rose. (Summer Solstice)

Effects on the Realms : The days of the sun are some of the hottest. Re-roll any weather checks that result in rain once. Vision is also improved, as if every one has low light vision this month, the light seems to linger in the air.

Effects on Character Creation : The light of the sun fills these players. They re-roll ones on strength and charisma. They have the additional favored class Paladin.

Opposing Sign : Moon

h3 Tiger (August)

Symbol : 4 Slash Marks

Days of note : none

Effects on the realms : The Days of the tiger are hot and lazy. -2 to all endurance checks and saves verses fatigue. Also roll twice on any encounter that could produce a tiger and take the tiger if possible. At the same time, the stripes of the tiger make hiding easier. +2 on stealth checks.

Effects on Character Creation : Re-roll ones on dexterity and strength, also +2 on climb and jump checks. Additional favored class Monk. Monks that have this zodiac can use slashing damage for their unarmed attacks if they want.

Opposing Sign : Wolf

Fey (September)

Symbol : Mistletoe

Days of note : The Piper’s Dance

Effects on the realms : This is a time of merriment in the realms (+1 to all reaction rolls and charisma checks). An additional +2 hp is recovered for a day’s rest during this month. Also, food and wine seem to last twice as long during the month.

Effects on Character Creation : The Fey value the lesser beings they share the woods with. They grant a quick wit and a sharp tongue. Re-roll ones on dexterity and charisma. Additional favored class Druid.

Opposing Sign : Giant

The Dark Brothers (October)

Symbol : The Tied Imps’ Tails; often two rats’ tails tied at the tips

Days of note : Night of the Devil (All Hallows Eve)

Effects on The Realms : This is the time when the devils and demons march out from the abyss side by side, coming to the surface to make deals with mortals for their souls. Any contract signed in this month is a devil’s deal. Only fools default on a devils deal, as it is said that a devil will come to collect your soul if you do. Roll twice on any random encounter where Abyssal Creatures may result.

Effects on Character Creation : Cunning and trickery are the tools of the Dark Brothers. Players born to the devil re-roll on dexterity and intelligence. Children of the abyss are some times born with demonic ancestry. Half cost to Tiefling race. Characters of this time also tend to be tricky. (+2 to bluff and slight of hand skills). Additional favored class Rogue.

Opposing Sign : Angel

Wolf (November)

Symbol : A Silver Wolf’s Head.

Days of note : The Bounty of the Hunt. (Thanksgiving)

Effects on the realms : During these days the hunt calls. Roll twice for any encounter roll where a wolf is possible. +2 to survival checks to follow tracks. Pack Tactics +1 to attack when fighting in a group.

Effects on character creation : The People of the Wolf are hardy and wise. Re-roll constitution and wisdom. Additional favored class Ranger.

Opposing Sign : Tiger

Moon (December)

Symbol : A Silver Coin

Days of Note : All Coins Day (Christmas)

Effects on the Realms : The time of the Moon is the time of wolves. Any encounter table that can have wolves as a result, roll twice and choose wolves if possible. Also any one contracting lycanthropy on the month of the Moon’s full moon can not be cured.

Effects on Character Creation : Lunacy takes the children of the Moon; they must have chaotic in their alignment, re -roll charisma. Additional favored class Bard. Half cost for lycanthrope template. Normally 4000 exp.

Opposing Sign : Sun


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