Character Creation


The grind build goes like this. All stats start at 8. you get 36 points to spend on these stats. Point cost per stat point is 1 for 1 from 8-14, 2 for 1 15-16, 3 for one 17-18.
Then you add your pluses for your zodiac, and your race. Any points you dont use are directly turned into hero points. these points can be used to by other advantages later. including alternet races. See Hero Points for details on what you can buy.

Your title here…Fluff steps

1. Social status. Hi Middle Or Low.

2.Player chooses the homeland of the character. By this I mean the specific type of land they live on. Forest, farm, town, city, desert, islands, coast, mountains, underground, plains. These can also be specific areas in the campaign, or some place you make up.

3. Family How many?

4. Brothers or sisters?

5. Where do they live?

6. Player chooses or rolls first experience. "The players will be starting at 3rd level, so they have some experience this hopefully will be a fun way to determine their background with out to much trouble. This can bee a trade they picked up or they could have had some kind of conflict with some one from these positions. Or Make something up. It should be a job, duty, triumph, defeat, and crackpot scheme, heroic or villainous deed.
As Rolled on a d 20 1.Gate Guard, 2.Long Shore man, 3 Fisherman, 4 Farmer, 5 Sheppard, 6 logger, 7 brewer, 8 merchant guard, 9 merchant, 10 horse trainer, 11 cattle hand, 12 butcher, 13 sailor, 14 tailor, 15 scribe, 16 cook, 17 bouncer, 18 bounty hunter, 19 soldier, 20 adventurer.
7. The Players now write a 50 word synopsis of the characters background. e.g. “It is not easy to be a butcher in the heat of the desert, with flies buzzing I chopped and sliced for the few who could afford the little meat I could sell, and so on.

8. Now the players expand on that by adding how they got to the little farming village of White Stand. e.g. “The flies were two much, so I sold my shop and moved on to my parent’s home town White Stand.”

9. With luck By now they have chosen their characters race. If not skip this one and come back to it, or hand the sheets to their owners and have them chose a race and then pass the sheet to the right when they are done. Chose these characters parent’s vocation. e.g. Blacksmith, mayor, innkeeper, barkeep, farmer. Any thing will do as long as it fits the previous things in some way.

10. (Make sure they have chosen a class.) Now we find out how the character became a member of the class he is in. was he sent to a privileged school, or did he learn on the street, maybe he had a mentor?

11. Friends? This is where each character wrights a little blurb about how they came to know the name of (Insert name here,). For this one pass it around to each player. If you have a big group and don’t need every one to know every player personally you can always allow each player to skip some one.

12. Experience time. Again, that is enough work to gain another level. So give them a new experience or expand on their old one.

13. Why are you an unemployed adventurer? Being a rarely glamorous job, being an adventurer is a tough life. Never knowing who is trying to kill you always getting attacked on the road. It is just stressful, so why do you do it.
This is the last step and if you want on this one you can collaborate with whoever you would like.

Character Creation

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