Hero Points

Hero Points.

Hero Points represent little bits of luck that a player builds up during his time adventuring. In my game you can use Hero Points to help your character, or party survive an encounter, avoid major dangers or to figure out a puzzle. There are some uses for Hero points in the advanced players guide as well as a few listed here. You can also use hero points to customize your character.

Character creation.

The first use of hero points is to add to your stat points. Each hero point is worth one stat buying point. This means it will be a big help to your lower stats but will be costly for high stats. The reverse is also true, each point you give up is worth one point on your stats. Social status, when you begin play you start as a middle class citizen of what ever nation you are in. With 1 hero point you can gain the status of upper middle class. This gives you an extra 50% starting money. With 2 points you can start at lower upper class, a new land lord, or a week noble. This starts you out with master work weapon or armor, and +100% starting money. With all three starting points in status you are at the level of noble. Possibly even king of a small country. Starting as a noble you gain +200% gold, and a roll on a minor magic item table. You can choose what category. You can also sell back your money, 1 point for half starting money, and 2 points for the cloths on your back. Now this does not mean you will be forever destitute, but you will have to acquire equipment in game. You can also use Hero Points to choose a race that is not in the player’s handbook. Costs are as follows. If they are not listed let me know and ill check the math.

Teifling – 5pts
Asimir – 5pts
Orc – 5pts
Hobgoblin – 5 pts
Drow – 6 pts
Dragon Born – 8 pts * New Race *
Lycanthrope – 10pts
Anansi -12pts
Drow noble – 15pts
Jin Touched – 15pts * New Race *
Half Dragon -25pts
Half Fiend – 25 pts
Half Celestial – 25 pts

You can also gain points by taking on character flaws. I will list a few here but I encourage you to think up something personal for your character.

Alcoholic, Greedy, smelly, Short sighted, claustrophobic, acrophobic, and why not addicted to gambling. Remember these are ideas; notice I did not list their effects. That’s because I don’t want you min-maxing them. You get one point per flaw. You can have up to 2.

One last thing you can do is get an heirloom item. This is a mysterious item handed down by your family. It may me magical, it may not. You will find out as you play. For starting characters it will act as a master work item. An heirloom item will cost one hero point, to start and as you adventure it will cost more points to advance.

You can use points to affect your fluff to. If some one makes up something you don’t like about your guy, you can convince them to change it, or you can spend a point and change it yourself.

Additional Abilities during play.

Instant crafting while crafting an item of any sort, you can go into a creative fugue. This means you use one hero point and roll your craft check. If you succeed you finish the item in 24 hours. When you are finished you are fatigued unless you make a dc 25 fort save. To remove this effect you only need a day’s food and rest. This allows a fighter to make a masterwork sword in a day, or a wizard a powerful staff in the same amount of time.

You can trade hero points in for exp. Each point is worth 100 x your level exp. This is a handy way to pay off an exp defecate, or to catch up if you miss a session.

You can also use a hero point to eliminate a villain point.

One last thing you can use one to reroll hit points when you level.

Hero Points

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